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Letter from Secretary-General

Hello, My name is Kayra Balıkçı and I am a senior student studying at Bornova Anatolian High School. My Model United Nations journey began 3 years ago. And it changed my life, my perspective to humanity. I used to believe that I need to work just for myself otherwise would be idiotic. That’s why I wanted to be a physics professor. But after I started attending Model United Nations conferences I started to learn about discrimination, social injustice and more importantly I learned that there are so many people over the globe in need of help. After a while, I started to attend MUNs as Under-Secretary-General which requires me to write study guides about my allocated committee. And step by step my researches showed me that the best way to help people in need is to become a sociologist. Hence I applied to one of the best universities I know, Toronto University, to study sociology. My new future dream is to become and sociologist at the university to do researches about unfortunate nations and to be a member of a non-governmental organization in order to help the unfortunate. That’s how Model United Nations changed my life and we, as the SSTMUN team, are hoping to change perspective for good and bring peace for the future.

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Phone Number of Eylül Kavalca as Head of PR
+90 555 221 96 32
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Email Address of Eylül Kavalca as Head of PR
Email Address of Bedirhan Eltutan as Head of PR